Top Ideas to work from home without any investment for students.

Do you want to know about the ideas to work from home? In this article, I will share top ideas to work from home without any investment for students and earn a consistent income.

At the end of the article, You will learn about:

  • Why should every student try to generate an online income from home?
  • How to choose your income stream?
  • What are the best available options to work from home without any investment for a student?
  • Step by step process to start your journey of online income for a beginner.
  • What is the earning potential of a particular idea?

When we talk about ideas to work from home for students, we should think about what students can’t do? Students cannot work full time or have the time and money to learn new skills. 

So I have prepared a list of work ideas to work from home. You don’t need to work full time. The work will be somewhat similar to the skills you learned in your school or college. 

You don’t need expert training to start working. And above all, you don’t need to invest money for getting started. 

The only requirement is you should have a laptop with an internet connection. For many of the online work, you can even start working with your smartphone.

Why do you need to start earning as a student or teen? 

When I talk about teenagers, I talk about students the age of 15 years and above. I have listed some of the reasons to start working online as a student:

  • It Builds a strong foundation for the rest of your life.
  • Early starts gives you the advantage of early movers. While your friends are busy wasting their time, you learn how money works to secure your life.
  • By the time you graduate, you will be earning enough to fund your higher education.
  • By the time you get an active source of income, you will have multiple streams of income.
  • Lastly, since you have multiple sources of income, you are free to retire from your active job whenever you want and enjoy your life.

Practicable ways to earn money from home without investment for students of teens:

1. Online Tutoring work

Online tutoring is the best part-time work for a student to earn regular online money. There is no limitation of the subjects that you can teach online. 

You can teach almost any subject online, whether it is arts, science, music, or anything through skype or webcam, phone, etc.

So you don’t have to learn any new skills to start this work. You can teach whatever you have already learned in the previous class. You can start working right away. 

However, to earn a handsome amount, you will have to teach advanced subjects like- foreign language training, advanced coding, app developments, etc.

You don’t have to search for online tutoring work. There are numerous platforms where you can register yourself free of cost. Once you register, the students can easily find you and get online tutoring. 

Sometimes these online platforms also offer students to you and charge some percentage as commissions. Some popular platforms for online tutoring work are Cambly, tutor, Skooli, Tutor, etc.

If you don’t like to work for any online platforms, you can also find the work on freelancing websites like- Fiverr, Upwork, etc. You can start with $10 for a 40 min class. You just need a PC or Laptop with an internet connection to start this work. 

2.Online Coding Lessons

Coding Lessons not only include traditional computer languages like- C, C++, Java, PHP, etc. but also includes web development, artificial intelligence, app development, etc.

You don’t need to invest a penny for this. If you have a computer background in school or college, this is the best part-time work to earn online money for a student.

You don’t need to have command over all the coding languages. You just need one language, and you can start offering online coding lessons to students. Freelancing platforms like- Fiverr have a lot of opportunities for providing coding lessons. You can start giving small lessons for 30 min for $10. 

But if you know advanced coding languages like- Matlab, android development, etc., you can easily charge more than $100/hour for a class.

You can also create your online courses and sell them on websites like- udemy, etc. The Best part of making your courses is that you just have to work once and reap the benefit for a lifetime.

Numerous students are earning thousands of dollars per month from home just working part-time.

3.Voice Over Artist

Voice Over provides a background voice to a particular scene. It is added to make Videos or Ads more presentable. You have to follow the scripts for your narrative.

Most people think that you could be a good voice-over artist if you have good tonal quality. But that is not true. 

To be a successful voiceover artist, you need to have reasonable control over your voice. For example, Good tone modulation as per mood, understanding emotions and expressing them through your voice, and keeping the dialogue engaging.

You can do voiceovers for various things like- Video Ads, Animation Videos, movies, TV shows, etc. 

Many consultancies hire voice-over artists. But freelancing platforms are best for students or teens to start voiceover work and earn online money from home. 

There is a demand for various voice-over artists like- Podcast Voice Overs, Video Game Voiceovers, Dubbing & Impersonation Voiceovers, TV Voice Overs, American Ascent Voice Overs, Audio Book Voice Overs, etc.

The earning as a voiceover artist depends on many things like- the area of expertise, project length, etc. Many Voice Over Artists charges more than $100 for a 250-word voiceover. So this could be the best way to earn money as a student while working part-time.

4.Video Editing Work

With the popularity of videos on different social media platforms, the demand for skillful video editors has multiplied. Today, a video editor can easily earn hundreds of dollars per hour of work.

If you like videos and can work for long hours on a computer, then this is the best way to earn money online without any investment as a teen. 

Video editing work includes editing ads, social media videos, Gaming videos, Music videos, Travelling videos, Educational Videos, etc. 

For a successful video editor, you need to have command over single software, and that’s it. Many video editing software are available in the market like Camtasia, Filmora, Shotcut, Openshot, etc. Just choose one software and master it. 

You can find work on video editing in freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. The best part is that you don’t have an obligation to work. So this is the best online work for a student. 

You are free to work whenever you want. A video editor earns $10 – $200 for editing a single video. So there is unlimited potential for making money.

5. Animation Videos for Kids

Animation Videos for kids include adding movement to drawings, models, or inanimate objects for kids-related material. The most popular form of kids’ animation is entertainment and education videos such as cartoons, learning, singing, and colouring.

Animation videos play a very significant role in a kid’s life. I am sure everybody would have watched animation videos in their childhood. 

Children have a great liking for animation video series. This is the reason many educational institutes are focusing on teaching through animation videos. You would have seen the sudden popularity of Animation movies. Even older people like it so much.

You can offer various services in this category. You can create Nursery Rhymes & songs animation for kids, Stories animation for kids, 2D animation, 3D animation, Stop Motion Animation, etc.

If you love animation videos, then this is the right field to start your career. The only drawback is that you need to put in some hard work to acquire these skills.

So before starting the work, you have to learn all the technicalities about the production of Animation content.

There are many ways you can learn about the skill. You can either learn through free online courses on Youtube or join some vocational courses during summer vacation.

There is no limit to earning. The earnings will vary depending on the type of animation you provide (2D, 3D, stop motion, etc.), video length, customization, and extras required.

There are professionals who charge more than $1000 for 60-sec animation videos.

6.Dance Lessons

Dancing has become a very professional field nowadays. Dancing is one area with a lack of trained professionals as it requires a lot of hard work. 

There are very few skilled dancers available online. That is why there is a huge demand for specialized dancing teachers. 

Some famous dancing forms are belly dancing, ballet, group dance, hip hop, twerking, etc. So if you like dancing and have got professional training, there is unlimited potential for you.

You don’t have to go to any physical centres. You can teach dancing online in the comfort of your home. There are many dancing forms. You just have to master one style of dancing, and that’s it.

Proving dancing lessons could be the best part-time work for a student. If you have learned dancing in your school, you can start giving dancing lessons right away.

You can also record dancing lessons and sell them on freelancing websites or Udemy. Choreography is another thing you can earn online from home.

You can do choreography on a particular song as a freelancer. Similarly, various clients look for part-time wedding choreography.

There are numerous gigs that are providing these services on Fiverr, Upwork, etc. and charging $10 – $100 for a song choreography or giving dancing lessons of 30 min for $10. 

7. Logo Design work for students

I am sure every student must have learned and done drawing or painting in their childhood. You just need that much skill to start logo designing work. But the only difference is that you have to do it on your computer. 

So your next question would be how you can start designing logos on your computer. The first step would be to choose the software or any online tools for designing. There is multiple software available for this work like- photoshop, coral draw, etc.

However, if you don’t want to use this software, you can use online tools like- Canva, Wix, etc. With these tools, logo designing has become super easy.

Now what?

You need clients to buy your logo. You can find the clients on a freelance marketplace like-,,, etc.

If you are thinking about how much you can earn? I must say there is no limit. It all depends on your creative skills. 

For example, you will find freelancers charging as low as $5 for a logo to more than $1000 for a professional logo for a business.

8. Content Writing services

Because of the digital revolution, content writing has become one of the most demanding skills. You don’t need to have special skills to be a good content writer. 

You just need a computer and an internet connection to start your work from home. If you can research any topics and present them in your own words, you can do content writing.

As a content writer, you can offer writing services for websites, blogs, education articles, copywriting services, etc. You have a lot of options to choose from. 

You can search for clients with a click of your mouse. And because of the current pandemic situation, most clients are looking for off-site content writers who can work online from home.

You can also work as a freelance writer and charge your clients on a per word basis. There are freelancers who charge as much as $100 for a 1000 word professional article.

The best part is all these works can be done while working from home without any investment. So, content writing could be one of the best ways to work from home for a student.

Some online platforms to start content writing are hire writer, writer, Fiverr, etc. There are also many Facebook groups, especially for content writers.

9.Transcriptionist work

Transcription could be one of the easiest ways to earn money online for students or teens. You don’t need special skills to do this work. Transcriptionists’ work involves converting audio speech or voice into text form.

Doesn’t it sound exciting and easy?

You just need good listening skills and adequate knowledge of the language of transcriptions. Now the question is, how do you get the work? 

Well, multiple websites provide these services. You just need to register yourself, and you get the audio files for transcriptions. 

Once you transcribe the audio files, you get your payment into your account. You can earn from $15 – $50 per hour. Generally, you get payments on a weekly basis.

You can also work as freelancers on popular platforms like- fiver, Upwork, freelance, etc. There are also websites exclusively for transcription work, e.g. Transcribeme, etc.

10. Data Processing work

Data processing has emerged as one of the in-demand skills in recent times. With the popularity of artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, etc., data processing plays a very significant role.

Data processing includes data mining & scraping, automation through macros & formulas, data analytics, etc. But apart from all these advanced skills, there is also a great demand for basic Microsoft Excel services. 

If you have command over excel, you can get the clients on different freelancing websites and earn money from home without any investment. If you don’t know Excel, you can learn it by yourself through online free content. 

Excel works include updating spreadsheets, creating forms, automating tasks, data validation, data analysis, pivot table, charts, etc.

However, If you can combine the excel skills with other skill sets like- automation, macro development, VBA, etc., you can earn a handsome amount as a freelancer. 

There are freelancers who charge $500 for advanced excel automation work.

11.Fitness Lessons

Fitness lessons include Yoga, Cardio, Bodybuilding, pilates, etc. Fitness has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries. Due to the situation arising out of covid 19, everybody wants to remain fit and healthy. 

However, due to very few professionals in this industry, people find it very difficult to find the right expert. Sometimes it also becomes detrimental to their health.

So if you are a fitness freak and have good knowledge about the fitness industry, you can earn good money from home. You can provide online consultation. There are many freelancing sites where you can make $50-$200 for 60 minutes of consultation.

You can also create your Youtube fitness channel or Instagram fitness page or courses to earn regular passive income from home with no investment.

The only criteria for this work are having a passion for the fitness and health industry. You can also do some fitness or nutrition diploma courses to have a better impact as an influencer. 

12.Photography work

Do you like to click a picture of your surroundings? Do you have a good understanding of colour combinations and lightings? Have you got a camera as your Birthday gift? If Yes, You can start earning good money right away.

Photography is something that you can learn while having fun. The best way to learn photography is to work as a part-time intern with experienced photographers. You will have all the nitty-gritty of the business while working in the industry.

Professional photography has a very vast opportunity. It has multiple branches like – Product photography, lifestyle photography, Modelling, Nature photography, etc. 

So If you want to make a career in this field, then this is best for you. You can earn thousands of dollars in professional photography.

But don’t worry if you don’t want to work as a professional photographer. You can click photos with your smartphone or cameras and upload them to online platforms like- Shutterstock, iStock, etc. 

Once anyone buys your picture, you earn money in return. You will not believe that there are creators who charge $5 for a single image. 

Platforms where you can sell your photos:

13. Audiobook Production

With a busy lifestyle, people don’t have time to read a whole book. They want to utilize time while traveling for work. Due to this, the demand for Audiobooks has been increasing.

If you have good tonal quality and understand the nuances of feelings, you can be a good audiobook producer. 

Audiobook production involves recording narration, editing and mixing of sounds in different formats. If you have knowledge of more than one language and can speak in a foreign accent, you can get regular clients.

The best part about audiobook production is that it doesn’t require professional skills to work. You can find the work on freelancing platforms like- Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

14. Data Entry work

Data entry work is the most basic job that requires almost no skill. Any student or teen who knows typing and has basic computer knowledge can do the job. 

The work includes basic typing, filling a form, converting data in pdf to excel format, collecting from websites, etc. 

The only drawback of this job is that it has a lot of competition. So I would suggest you combine this with other skills like- data processing with your offer. 

Some freelancers combine data entry work with data analytics work and earn more than $150/hour. 

There are also a lot of scammers promising online data entry jobs. So It is recommended that you only offer your services through reliable platforms. 

Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc., are some authentic sources to find online data entry work.

15. Translation work

You don’t need special skills to work as a translator. If you think you have a good understanding of any language, you can work as a translator. This is also the best online work for students without any investment.

If you have command over some foreign languages that are in demand like French, German, Chinese, Spanish, etc., you can earn consistent money working from home.

The best part is you don’t need any kind of investment for this. You just need a laptop with an internet connection, and you can provide your service from home and earn online money. 

There are many websites where you can find the work. But the best way is freelancing. Some of the freelancing websites are fiverr, upwork,, etc. Many freelancers charge $10 – $500 for 500-word translation work.

16. Online Music Lessons

Music Lessons include music productions, instrument playing, vocal training, voice-over training, theoretical training, etc. So, teaching music lessons requires skill and expertise in music. 

If you have learned music in your school or college, you can give music lessons to newcomers. You don’t need to work full-time. 

Nowadays there has been a great demand for online music lessons, so you don’t have to go anywhere. You can take music classes online at the comfort of your home.

You can find the clients through freelancing websites like- Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Some freelancers charge more than $100 per hour for music classes. 

You can also record music lessons to create your course and publish on online platforms like- YouTube, Udemy, etc. 

You can charge a fee to access the course and earn money from home. This could be the best way for students to earn online income with no investment.

17. Making PowerPoint Presentations.

You must have a doubt about how you can earn with this simple job. Nowadays, everyone knows how to make presentations. Then why would anybody pay you to make a presentation?

A well-prepared presentation plays a crucial role for a business owner looking to win over a client. However, the preparation of an elegant presentation is a time-consuming process.

 So most small businesses can’t hire a full-time employee to outsource this job from online freelancing platforms. If you have the skill to make a professional presentation out of voluminous data, you can earn online income without any investment.

As a student, this will also give perfect exposure to how a company works. There are freelancers who charge about $1000 for a 20 slide presentation.

However, you need to have the excellent industry experience to create these kinds of presentations. So, I would suggest you start with a basic PowerPoint presentation. 

18. Art & Craft Work

The work includes a wide range of services like- logo designing, jewelry designing, DIY Paintings, wall designings, papercraft designings, etc. You can also make kids’ toys.

So, this work is more appropriate for those students who know some art, craft or designing skills. These skills have great demand.

If you can do any of the above works, you can earn online from home without any investment. Besides providing the above services, you can teach those arts and crafts to students and make money. 

You can also make your course and sell it with your price tag. This will give you passive income for a lifetime. Some gigs provide monthly subscription services and earn a consistent income.

19. Cooking Lessons

Did you know that you can earn thousands of dollars per month? With a simple cooking lesson video, You just need a camera for recording and editing software. You can also record the videos with your smartphone camera.

The idea is to create multiple cooking recipe videos. Once you have a good collection of videos, you can earn them through various means. 

One way of earning is by selling the recipe videos on freelancing platforms. Various clients need these ready-made videos for the promotion of their restaurants or hotels. 

You can also upload it to Youtube and earn it through youtube advertising. Apart from that, you can also provide cooking lessons to your clients. 

You can write recipe articles for health-related websites. If you know international recipes, you can get an edge over your competitors. This could be the best work from home for students who love cooking.

How can you start your journey of earning online income as a student?

Now you know the ideas for earning online income as a student without any investment. So the next question is, what should be your working plan or blueprint. I have shared the exact step by step process below to kick start your journey as a beginner:

Step 1: Decide the no. of hours you want to work online. You should choose your working hours so that it doesn’t hamper your education. Always remember, Basic education is the foundation for your life.

Step 2: Choose your area of expertise which you have already learned in your school. If you are confused, select the skills that you can learn within 3-5 months.

Step 3: Most of the work you will get as a freelancer. So Build a good portfolio in your subject matter. If you are confused, you can always get inspiration from popular freelancers’ profiles.

Step 4: Set up all the required things like – creating your account, developing proposals for your work, PayPal account set up, etc. You can give links to already executed projects in your profile for better competitor advantage.

Step 5: Don’t take up work that you can’t handle or will hamper your study. So it is advisable to take selected no of work to balance between study and side hustle.

Step 6: Always look for long-term relationship building instead of short-term earnings. It will help you create a passive income source for a lifetime.

Final Thoughts:

So let’s sum up all the ideas discussed above once again. In the article you learned about:

  • Why should every student try to have some part-time income stream?
  • What are the best online income ideas for students without any investment?
  • Step by step process to start your journey of online income for a beginner.

I have made every effort to present most of the popular income ideas for you. Further, I have also discussed the exact blueprint to work.

I am sure if you follow the above 6 step process, you can earn online money as a student with no investment. But, never underestimate or compromise on your study. 

I have seen most of the students who once start earning decent money get carried away. Yeah, I agree that money and education are two separate things, but education will help you develop overall maturity.

Lastly, the only secret of online income is to be consistent with what you do.

Best of luck for future

Kunal Singh

Disclaimer: The above ideas are for educational purposes only. We don’t guarantee earnings from the above methods. Some links on this page may contain affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you click and purchase from the links. For more detail please read our disclaimer.

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