Beginner’s Guide on Investing: How to invest money for Good Return in 2021.

How to invest money for beginners in India

Investing your hard-earned money in proper financial instruments is very essential. It doesn’t matter whether you start with 10$ or 100,000$. Investing is important. Even a baby step taken towards investing is more than enough. More than investing, investing in the right direction is most important. One wrong step and you will have to pay a heavy price. So before investing you should be aware of the financial or non-financial investment options available in India. You should know how to invest money to get a high return with less risk. This article is going to be useful to salaried people, …

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8 Reasons why you must invest in the stock market?

Why you should invest in Stock Market

Investing your hard-earned money in the right financial instruments is extremely important to grow your money rather than keeping your money lying in the banks. One such attractive instrument is the Stock Market. Many people have the misconception that keeping your money in the banks is also one type of investment.  But that is not true. In my opinion, keeping your money in the banks is not an investment but it is just a safe box to keep your money. Just like putting your money in the safe box would not increase your money similarly keeping your money in the …

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