How to earn money without investment through mobile?

Do you want to earn money online but can’t afford a laptop or computer? Or do you want to earn money from your smartphone? Then in this post, I will talk about how to earn money without investment through mobile? 

You would be surprised to know that you can make money without investment through mobile with your existing skills?

But Why should you think about earning money from mobile? The most important reason is that smartphones are more affordable and handy than a computer/laptop.

With the revolution of Digital Marketing and the Internet, no. of smartphone users has been increasing very fast. In 2018, there were only 2.9 billion smartphone users.

In 2021, the number of smartphone users has reached about 3.8 billion globally which is equivalent to 48.20% of the population. 

There was a steady rise of smartphone users worldwide. As time passed, mobile phones became an essential tool for conducting business and other activities.

Nowadays, you might experience the growing graph of social media marketing. 

This is the reason, now, every company wants to be on WhatsApp or Telegram. So there is a tremendous opportunity to generate online income without investment through mobile with your existing skill. 

Our article will show you how to make money with apps and online jobs using your mobile phone. If you have a smartphone, keep reading to learn about several accessible and entertaining ways to earn income through mobile with no investment. 

Top 9 Actionable Ideas: How To Earn Money Without Investment through Mobile?

  1. Freelancing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Virtual Assistant
  4. Become a Youtuber
  5. Create video courses and sell online
  6. Instagram Influencer
  7. Online Surveys to earn money
  8. Sell your photos online
  9. Microtasking

So, these are the best ways to earn money without investment through mobile. Lets’ discuss about each of the ideas in details.

#1. Freelancing Best option to earn through mobile with no investment.

Getting a freelancing job may be an appealing option to you if you’re unhappy with your current job and wish to earn money from the comfort of your own home. 

A freelancer is someone who works for a fee for their time and skill. They charge a cost for their services, which is determined by their professional skill. 

The majority of freelance jobs are doable from your smartphone and require only basic skills. A major advantage of freelancing is that you can work for clients anywhere in the world simply by using your phone to connect to the internet.

Here is a list of tasks you can complete through your mobile phone and earn money with no investment:

  • Photo background removal
  • Logo design 
  • Post design 
  • Ad design 
  • Photo editing 
  • Converting File into another format
  • Making Intro Videos

Working from home as a freelancer is ideal for both full-time and part-time job seekers. There are several leading freelance websites you can use, including Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and others. 

#2. Affiliate Marketing through mobile with no Investment

Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate money with your smartphone while doing nothing more than promoting services and products and earning rewards from the seller when a buyer purchases them.

As per Call Hippo Statistics, almost 50% of traffic for affiliate marketing comes from mobile phone users. So the importance of smartphones for generating money has increased manifold.

You may start making money right away by marketing services, goods, and offers online. There is no need to have your blog or website if you have a solid social media presence. 

You are not needed to provide a service or product; instead, you will serve as a conduit for the seller to reach out to potential buyers.

To make enough money from this work-from-home job, you must have sufficient understanding, strategy, and persistent effort. Commission Junction, Impact, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. are some of the best online affiliate marketplaces to partner with as an affiliate marketer. 

But I suggest before starting your career as an affiliate marketer, you should chalk out a simple strategy for promotion. There is no need to have very huge followers. You can start promoting to even 100 devoted followers.

#3. Virtual Assistant

The role of a virtual assistant is to provide help over the internet to your client. Companies hire virtual assistants because it is very cost-effective and provide service without having to be physically present. 

Anyone can handle a virtual assistant job with a smartphone if he/she has excellent management skills. Typically, you can earn a handsome amount if you have superb communication skills. 

You just have to handle administrative tasks, reply to emails, and work on social media. Virtual assistants are incredibly useful no matter the size of your business.

So you can consider this idea to start your journey to be a dependable person in your life without investing a penny using your smartphone. 

Where to find work:

Earning Potential:

  • 5$ to 100$ per hour

#4. Become a YouTuberEarn money from mobile with no investment.

Earning Potential: Do you know that on average, a Youtuber with 1 million views can earn roughly from $1000-$5000? But that can vary dramatically with choice of content, location of viewers, engagements, etc.

It has emerged as one of the most popular ways to make money online today without any investment. Anybody can easily create a YouTube channel, upload videos on their smartphones, and earn income without investment through mobile. 

This is the reason that YouTube has been flooded with inferior quality and copied content. But none of those channels are earning consistent income. 

To filter out those low-quality content, YouTube has been introducing many policy changes. One of such policies is that you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs watch-time in 12 months for enabling monetization. 

So, if you want to earn consistent money from mobile, creating a channel and posting videos is not enough. You should aim for outstanding quality and value-added content. 

The earnings from YouTube depend on various factors like- your location, the quality of your work, money-making keywords, etc. Alternatively, you can become an influencer based on the content you provide. 

Once you establish your authority, you can also earn from various brand promotions. Actually, Brand promotion is the most sought-after earning on the YouTube platform.

Before starting a channel, You should choose your niche and target group. Some of the popular niches on YouTube are technology, singing, cuisine, tutoring, motivating, and so on. 

The best part of becoming a YouTuber is that you don’t need high-end cameras or laptops. You can start producing videos using your smartphone camera and uploading them to your channel. 

If done perfectly and consistently, YouTube can be an extra source of passive income. But don’t forget to create high-quality content. This could be the best way to earn money from mobile with no investment.

#5 Create Video Courses and Earn Money without investment through mobile.

This is like becoming a YouTuber. Nowadays, video content has become a very popular medium of instruction. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a surge of video content in the market.

If you have command over any specific topic, you can create a video course and publish it over online platforms through the smartphone. You can charge a nominal fee in return. So, in this way, you can generate a good amount of passive income from home.

The best part is that you can do all these things from recording videos to editing to publishing through your mobile phone. Just try to focus on evergreen topics, so that once you create the course, you can earn online income for years.

There are several online platforms where you can launch your course from mobile and earn consistent income. Some of the popular platforms are –

Udemy: Here, you can launch your courses free of cost. The website gets around 111 million visits per month. So you can think about the kind of reach you will get on this platform.

Graphy: This is the platform launched by Unacademy. You can create your own web platform for teaching at Graphy absolutely free. You pay Graphy only when you earn money.

Apart from that if you can also create your own website and make a learning management system. But in this case, you would have to invest some money for buying a domain and hosting. 

But I would suggest you, firstly start with Udemy because initially, you may find it difficult to get students for your courses on your website. Udemy with 111millions visits/month can certainly become the best choice for freshers.

#6. Instagram Influencer

Earning Potential: Unlimited. You can earn anywhere between $100 to $1000 for a single sponsored content.

Global expenditure on influencer marketing is predicted to be worth $15 billion by 2022.

This is not a recent phenomenon. Influencers have always been in great demand, just the dynamics have changed post-internet revolution. Nowadays, Instagram marketing has been trending. 

As per a report, over 1 billion accounts are active worldwide on a monthly basis. Further, about 90% of the accounts follow at least one Brand on Instagram.

Country-wise users of Instagram world-wide

Source: Statista

Most of the brands are looking to establish their presence on Instagram after Facebook. And the best way to build relationships with their audience and increase the following is to take the help of influencers. 

But before creating an impact, build and nurture your own Instagram community. Most smartphones have all the features that are needed to create excellent and useful content. 

I know many of the Influencers who initially started with smartphones. Once they started earning, they shifted to laptops/Personal computers. All you have to do now is grow your Instagram following before looking for sponsorship options.

The process of working with a business in order to promote their products through your images is called sponsorship. For your promotion, they will compensate you. So try influencer marketing if you want to earn money from mobile without investment. 

The more you build a rich engagement and follower base, the more you will make money from home. The best part is that you don’t need any investment amount. You just need to invest your time and energy. 

#7. Fill out online Surveys to earn money from mobile without investment.

This isn’t a fascinating job, but it’s one of the quickest and most straightforward methods to earn money without investment through mobile. You’ll need to join many survey sites if you want to make a lot of money using surveys. 

Before you apply, we strongly advise you to create a new email account and forward all survey emails to that account. They will swamp you with daily survey emails.

The only drawback of survey work is that you can’t make a living out of it. So this is the best for earning a part-time online income from mobile without any investment. But you should look for other options to earn enough money.

You can give 2-3 hours daily and earn around $3-$10 daily. According to our research, some of the best performing survey websites which actually pay money are listed below: 

  • Ysense 
  • Swagbucks 
  • Survey Junkie

Earning Potential: $0.15 to $2 per survey.

#8. Sell your Photo online & earn through a smartphone.

Photos are something that we are constantly clicking on. Sometimes we’re just going down the street when we notice something and begin taking pictures. There is an excellent opportunity to sell your photos if you have exceptional photography talents.

Shutterstock is a popular choice for folks who need photos or graphics as they sell them. They do, however, hunt for people who want to sell their photos. 

If you’re the right person, you may start selling your graphics on the Shutterstock Contributor app right away. And you can sell any graphic picture, such as your painting if it is valuable.

You don’t need a DSLR to take beautiful images anymore; smartphone cameras are getting reasonably impressive, and all you need is the right trick to take a stunning picture. Make money with your artwork now by selling your images.

Platforms where you can sell your photos:

#9. Microtasks – Best part-time online income from Mobile.

It is a common question of how a person can make money from their phone for free. Microtasks can be an excellent way to earn money from your smartphone which doesn’t require any investment. 

The idea is very simple. Most of the small businesses or professionals who can’t afford a full-time worker or need to do simple tasks only for a few assignments outsource many micro-tasks. 

There are many websites that specially cater to these kinds of micro-tasks. And these micro-task websites outsource services from freelancers. So anybody can log in to their website and do the micro-tasks and earn online money with their smartphone. 

The increasing internet revolution has made all these possible. But the only drawback is that this is best for part-time income.

Through micro-tasking, you can make money from your phone without investing a penny. You simply watch ads or give your thoughts. You only need time, time, and more time to accomplish micro-tasks.

Some of the micro-tasks that you do are – finding company websites and descriptions, collecting movie information, image mining, transcribing license plates, etc. 

The Internet is filled with websites that pay you for watching ads, taking part in surveys, and solving captchas. Microtasks are a way to earn money for people who want to do little work and earn a reasonable amount of money while doing less work. 

You can either earn dollars and deposit them into your bank account or earn points to spend on goods from online markets when you complete micro-tasks.

Some of the websites to find Microtasks:

Final Verdict on ways to Earn Money Without Investment through mobile.

In conclusion, if you want to earn a living, you should consider freelancing, affiliate marketing, and video blogging as your top options. It may take time, but once you develop a good understanding of how these work and what is best for you, it will be worth it.

You will be rewarded for your consistency. The best part is that we can start all these works with your smartphone without any investment.

You can also attempt alternative techniques to make money with your phone that do not require any investment. So, rather than sitting, get to work and grow! 

If you have reached this point, then I will recommend that you should have at least two sources of income. First, you focus on a part-time income source from the mobile which will give you instant money, then focus on ways that will generate long-term income for living.

That is all from my side on how to earn money from mobile without investment. If you found this content helpful, please share it with your friends or on social media so that the community can expand.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin earning right now.

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Disclaimer: Some links on this page may contain affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you click and purchase from the links. Further, we did not guarantee that everybody will earn the money. This is not an exhaustive list and is purely on based on my experience. For the latest updates, please read the app’s info. For more detail please read our disclaimer.

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