Is Navi Loan App Fake or Real? – An ultimate Review

Instant loan apps tend to get a bad rep for various reasons, but one must acknowledge the necessity of such services in times of need. Sachin Bansal—, ex-CEO of Flipkart, recognized the void in this much-needed niche and started a fintech start-up named Navi Technologies.

Navi loan app is a subsidiary of Navi Technologies, directly operated by Navi Finserv. It is a legitimate fintech app with several useful features, and instant loan is just one facet of its service repertoire.

Navi Technologies and, by extension, the Navi loan app are licensed as non-bank financial institutions. Its validity is pretty high compared to others of its ilk. The reliability of the app is the topic of this article.

Overview of Navi Loan App

Before moving into the technical aspects of the app, let’s do a brief overview of the Navi Loan App. It is a service that falls under the fintech category because it offers digital finance services. It’s an instant loan app that lets users take loans with minimal collateral.

The hassle-free process of taking a loan is one of the biggest appeals of this app, and that’s generally what it’s known for among most users. But it also offers many other financial services, which, while relatively unknown, are surprisingly pretty good.

Navi Loan App homepage

The amount of loan you can withdraw and the repayment time will vary based on your situation, and you’ll find a section dedicated to that later in this article. The other thing you should know is that this app and its subsisting services only apply to the people of India.

Types of Services It Provides

The Navi loan app has a lot of online reviews, some good, some bad. But many of them kind of gloss over most of the services of this app and focus only on the loan aspect of it. While it is understandable that that is one of the defining features of the app, it offers so much more.

Navi offers several finance-related services, so let’s go over them one by one,

Navi UPI

The first one of Navi’s services is the Navi UPI. It’s a fairly standard payment function that works very similar to most cash apps you’re likely familiar with. You can use it as a checking account, pay bills, and even send money to other users.

It’s an all-in-one cash app feature, as the name suggests. Navi being a licensed fintech organization means you can use the Navi cash-app features in almost all establishments.

Navi Investment and Insurance

Navi personal app reviews rarely talk about the investment features of the Navi Loan app. Navi offers its users two distinct types of investment opportunities.

The first one is the ETF option, which lets you invest in the top 50 companies in India. It’s a dynamic trading function, and it’s regularly updated for relevancy. The second one is the S&P index fund, which is more like your regular stock market.

Aside from investment options, Navi also offers flexible health insurance. The insurance comes in several packages, some personal and some family packs. So, there’s something for everybody.

Navi Loan

Now, we come to the most popular feature of this app— the Navi loan. Navi loan reviews on the internet are a mixed bag. The intricate details of this feature may seem unsavory to some, but no one can deny that it’s handy.

The Navi personal loan lets you draw a fair bit of loan at very low interest rates. They give very reasonable repayment durations, too. And the best part is that you can take this loan without lengthy paperwork. Navi loan eligibility is also fairly simple.

It’s a bit less known, but Navi also recently started offering home loan services on top of its regular personal loan. This one, unfortunately, isn’t an instant loan, so you will need to get through a minimum level of paperwork to take it. But it’s still miles ahead of traditional home loans in that regard.

Loan Eligibility Prerequisites for Navi

Navi loans don’t have too many prerequisites. You can apply for a loan as long as you are a functioning member of society in India. You simply need a job or any other legal way of making money.

There’s also an age requirement for the app that states that only people over 18 years old can apply for the loan. The upper limit for the age requirement is 65 years. That means senior citizens can not get this loan.

The applicant must have a reliable income source, fixed assets, or some other collateral for a standard loan procedure. Assessing and verifying those resources with a certified authenticator is time-consuming. Navi loan details do not mention such complicated assessment steps.

Navi Loan App Security Status

When investigating these instant cash lending apps, people tend to focus primarily on security and reliability over everything else. Because let’s face it- no one wants to get scammed out of their money. And there are plenty of shady apps on the internet, so it is justified that people are weary.

Navi loan app tries to alleviate customers’ worry by always keeping things above board. Navi FinServ also has an RBI license and NBFC authorization to prove its legitimacy as a fintech service provider. So, at least on the surface, there’s nothing shady going on.

Is Navi Loan App Safe?

Despite a few bumpy aspects, the app is a very safe service. It also takes great care to safeguard its customers’ privacy and other sensitive data. However, there are some nuances to its overall operational structure.

If you visit a few public forums on how safe the Navi loan app is, you will notice a fair bit of complaints about how it uses heavy-handed methods for taking their money back from loan defaulters. And to some extent, that may seem unsavory to many people.

But let’s be realistic here. They are providing a commercial loan service, and it’s tough to run that kind of business if people take their money and never pay anything back. And the negative reviews are almost all coming from people who’ve taken the money and did not pay it back, despite the generous loan repayment period and zero foreclosure fees.

The situation with the negative reviews is sort of like a guilty bias. People who didn’t pay back their loans at the agreed-upon time received repayment notifications, and they huffed by leaving bad reviews on the internet.

Meanwhile, the ones who received loans and repaid them on time are far less likely to waste their time on shady internet forums.

It’s sort of like how only the men who abuse women are the ones shown on the news, but the ones who live normally never get mentioned, so some people think all men are just bad because those are the only types they see on the news.

So, is Navi loan app safe? It depends entirely on how you look at it, but I can assure you that it’s a legal business.

How Good is Navi’s Customer Support?

Navi Group is well-known for its customer services and transparent business practices. They have 24/7 helplines for direct calls. They actively reply to emails, and you could even visit them at their office if you want to— they have 19 of those in various major cities in India.

They are a customer-focused business. Those in the service industry have no value if there isn’t anyone to render their services to. That’s a fact any service provider understands clearly, and Navi Group is no exception.


Hopefully, this managed to shed some light on the Navi loan app and its viability in the current market. It’s a legal and licensed fintech app that offers reliable instant loan services. They offer reasonable repayment periods and low interest rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Navi app RBI approved?

Yes Navi App is approved and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

2. Who is the owner of Navi loan?

Sachin Bansal and Ankit Agarwal founded the Navi in 2018 in India. The objective of the app to provide 100 % paper less services such as loan, insurance, etc

3. Is Navi loan app legal?

Navi loan app is approved by the RBI, so it is a legal app where you can get instant personal loan, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

4. What are the services offered by Navi loan app?

Navi loan app provides instant personal loans, health insurance, car insurance, UPI services, home loan, cash loan, etc.

5. Is Navi loan app scam or legit?

Since Navi is approved by the RBI Navi loan app is a legitimate app.

Disclaimer: The above article is for education purpose only and the website will not have any liability or loss occurred due to usage of above services. Further, we also don't endorse any actions or features of the app. So it is requested to always look for latest information on Navi Loan App/website.
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