Which is the Best app to invest in the U.S. market ? INDmoney vs Vested Finance

When we talk about investing in the U.S. market, there are multiple platforms for individuals. Two such options are INDmoney and Vested Finance.

Both provide unique features and services to their clients. In this article, we will compare the features of INDmoney vs Vested Finance.

INDmoney vs Vested Finance: Overview

INDmoney is an all-in-one personal finance platform that offers a range of services, including investment management, expense tracking, budgeting, insurance, etc.

It primarily targets Indian investors looking for a comprehensive platform to manage their finances and invest in Indian and U.S. markets. On the other hand, Vested Finance is a U.S. stock investing platform that allows investors from India to invest in U.S. stocks, ETFs, Cryptos, etc.

One of the key differences between INDmoney and Vested Finance is the type of investments they offer. INDmoney provides access to various investment options, including mutual funds, direct equity, fixed deposits, insurance, etc.

The platform also offers robo-advisory services, which use algorithms to provide investment recommendations based on the user’s financial goals and risk appetite. Robo advisory allows users to make informed investment decisions without relying on a human advisor.

Vested Finance, on the other hand, focuses on providing access to U.S. stocks and ETFs. The platform allows users to invest in over 1,000 US stocks, ETFs and Vests. This provides Indian investors with a unique opportunity to diversify their portfolios by investing in international markets.

Vested Finance also offers a variety of tools and resources to help investors make informed investment decisions, including research reports, real-time market data, and investment ideas.

How Good are INDmoney and Vested App for the U.S. market?

There has been a significant increase in the interest of Indian investors to invest globally and especially investing in the U.S. market from India.

This surge in the interest of investors gives rise to different platform-based service providers like Vested, INDmoney app, ICICI direct, etc., by enabling investment into U.S. stocks from the Indian Market.

Bothe INDmoney and Vested app offer Zero Commission U.S. investing for Indian Investors, providing them with good opportunities to invest in U.S. markets and build a strong portfolio.

Although some fixed and variable charges are levied by both Vested and INDmoney, the features provided justify their charges.

However, making a straight conclusion is not easy. We should analyze each and every factor before drawing any conclusion about Vested Finance vs INDmoney.

Vested vs INDmoney: Which is Safe?

INDmoney is a SEBI-registered Investment Advisor, while Vested holds no SEBI registration. Registration with SEBI assures shareholders and investors protection against fraudulent activities concerning transactions related to buying and selling securities of listed companies in India or outside Indian boundaries.

However Vested Finance is a registered investment advisor of the Security and Exchange Commission (U.S.), and all transactions are placed with the policy framed by RBI under the LRS scheme. Further, it is also covered under the SIPC Insurance up to $500k.

Though registration with U.S. regulators also adds to trustworthiness, registration with Indian Securities Regulators (SEBI) provides little edge to INDmoney.

Comparison of Features – Vested Finance vs INDmoney

When it comes to choosing the right investment platform for your hard-earned money, it is essential to understand the difference between the features of INDmoney and Vested Finance.

Let us now discuss the significant features of two popular investment platforms and find out the INDmoney vs Vested comparison in detail:

Vested Finance Features

1. Commission-Free US Investment

The main feature of the Vested app is that they do not charge any commission for investment in U.S. stocks. This is a pretty profitable opportunity for Indian investors to invest for the long term in U.S. stocks without paying high commissions.

Vested is in partnership with trading broker DriveWealth, a reputed U.S. brokerage firm. All transactions are maintained and managed by drive wealth to give a seamless experience to the Indian Investor.

2. Multiple Investment Opportunities

Vested is a U.S. regulator-certified investment advisor with a specific motive to invest in U.S. stock market companies only by directly purchasing Stocks or ETFs on a SIP basis.

On vest, more than 1500 US stocks and ETFs are available for investment. You can also explore Vested in-house curated portfolios.

3. Invest in Fractional Shares

As you know, many U.S. stocks are very costly, and buying even one share of a company might not be possible. So, you can buy U.S. stock companies in parts or fractional units.

Buying fractional units can help you to buy your favourite U.S. stock with a small investment. You can even buy any stock for $1.

4. Vests: Curated in-house Portfolio

Vested has many curated readymade portfolios for Investors developed by expert investment advisors. This feature helps beginner investors diversify their portfolios without investing their time and energy in finding good companies or stocks.

These portfolios include sectoral growth-oriented companies which can generate high growth in the near future.

5. Vested Finance brokerage

Vested offers two plans to start the investment journey with the Vested app–

  1. Basic Plan with limited access with one time fee of Rs.450
  2. A premium plan with unlimited features at a fee of ₹4500/year

Choosing a premium plan initially may not be a good decision for you as the free Plan has been created for the beginner investor and can fulfil all your financial goals.

6. Email and Contact Support

One of the good features that Vested offers is you can approach the support team via email and through a contact number in case of any technical or other kinds of support.

INDmoney Features

1. Free Account opening with Zero Commission

INDmoney also offers zero-commission U.S. stock investment for buying and selling stocks and ETFs for a lifetime.

They also offer freebies to new investors at the time of successful completion and KYC of accounting opening with them.

2. Fractional Shares

Same features as Vested offers to Indian Investors. You can even invest $1 to start your investment journey in INDmoney.

3. Learning Courses

INDmoney provides in-depth stock market learning courses to beginner investors. You can learn different courses on saving and investment on INDmoney SuperApp.

4. Life & Health Insurance

INDmoney also provides life and health coverage for users based on their life goals. They have more than 50+ insurance covers which help users to secure their health-related goals under one app.

5. IPO Centre

You can invest in initial public offerings on the INDmoney app. An IPO is a first-time offering of shares to the general public by Indian Companies in India.

An IPO aims to arrange funds from the public by allotment of shares of the companies in exchange for providing them ownership of their companies.

6. INDmoney Premium Services

INDmoney, under their premium plans, offers some personalized services that an investor can opt for. Their premium services include the following –

  • Risk Profiling
  • Investment advisory services
  • Investment recommendations based on goals
  • Financial planning
  • Direct Mutual Fund via BSE StarMF

I have summed up all the significant features of Vested Finance and INDmoney to help you to make your first U.S. market investment and make better decisions.

Vested Finance brokerage vs INDmoney brokerage

Vested Finance brokerage Account featuresINDmoney brokerage Account features
Only for US market investment.For both Indian & US stock market investing.
Specially curated portfolios i.e. VestsNo such features.
No feature for personal finance management.Track all your bills, insurance, FDs, investment in one app.
Invest in CryptocurrenciesNo feature to invest in Cryptocurrencies.
Not registered by SEBI.Registered by SEBI

Comparison of charges: Vested Charges vs INDmoney

When choosing the best app to invest in the U.S. market, it is important to consider its associated fees. INDmoney and Vested have low fees, making them a good choice for investors.

Brokerage and charges play a significant role in stock market investing as they can adversely impact your returns. Here are the important INDmoney charges & Vested Charges, which will help you decide the best U.S. Share Market investing platform.

Vested Charges vs INDmoney Charges for US market investing

Vested Finance brokerage Account featuresINDmoney ChargesVested Charges
US Account Opening Fees₹ 0₹ 450
Transaction Fees₹ 0₹ 0
KYC Fees₹ 0₹ 0

SBM Account opening charges

₹ 0₹ 0
Fund Withdrawal Charges$5/withdrawal$5/withdrawal
Account Maintenance Charges₹ 0₹ 0
Trading Charges₹ 0₹ 0
SIP charges₹ 0₹ 0
Brokerage on Indian Stock Buying & Selling0.05% on order valueNA
Source: Indmoney & Vested Finance

Final Verdict

In conclusion, both INDmoney and Vested Finance provide unique features and services to investors. INDmoney is a comprehensive personal finance platform that offers investment management, expense tracking, budgeting, and tax planning services. Vested Finance, on the other hand, focuses on providing access to U.S. stocks and ETFs for Indian investors.

Similarly, INDmoney offers more investment options for the Indian and U.S. share markets. It is a complete all-in-one personal finance management app. Vested has a user-friendly interface and a variety of features that make it easy to find and invest in the best U.S. stocks and Cryptocurrencies.

So if you are looking for an app to track all your finances, INDmoney is best. However, Vested Finance is the best option if you are looking for an app specifically for U.S. share market investing.

If you have any doubts please feel free to ask in the comment section.


Disclaimer: The above article is for educational purposes only. We have tried my level best to present all the features of the app as per my experience. However, we disclaims any responsibility for any investment done through the app or any variation in information provided. Always refer to companies website for latest charges, offers and features. We don’t endorse the above app and guarantee earnings from the above methods as it is based on my personal experience. Some links on this page may contain affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you click and purchase from the links. For more detail, please read our disclaimer.
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